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Flash of Two Worlds: Grant Gustin & Ezra Miller Meet In Crisis

The best-kept secret of Crisis on Infinite Earths — really, even we had no idea! — happened in Part 4 of the crossover tonight (January 14) on The CW. For a brief moment, Grant Gustin’s Flash, who we have known as the star of The Flash on TV since 2013, met the cinematic Flash, who was first played by Ezra Miller in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Miller has also been seen in Justice League and Suicide Squad and is expected to have his own movie on the way.

There was some conflict among fans who were upset that a Flash movie was being planned and announced only one week after The CW’s Flash show premiered… but if anything, this scene shows things are cool, and better yet, Grant Gustin and Ezra Miller are given some great material together.

You can see the clip below.

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