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When Is The Flash Coming Back?

Aside from the concluding chapters of Crisis on Infinite Earths on January 14 which will feature cast members from the show, we haven’t gotten any Flash episode descriptions because, well, the show isn’t scheduled to be back until February 4.

This is not entirely a bad thing — it means that there will be fewer repeats between then and the Season 6 finale.

Why the delay?

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow makes its official return Tuesday, January 21 where it will be preceded by the next-to-last episode of Arrow — an episode that hopes to lead to a Green Arrow & The Canaries spinoff show.

The next week, The CW makes it a two-hour series finale event for Arrow, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see Grant Gustin and other favorites showing up in that last episode.

The Flash returns February 4 with an episode titled “Marathon.” The following week, on February 11, “Love Is A Battlefield,” and then on February 18 we’ll meet “A Girl Named Sue”… Dearbon, that is.

Finally, the episode currently scheduled for February 25 is called “Grodd Friended Me” and if ever there was a time for Violett Beane to return to the show, this would be a good time.

Stay tuned to FlashTVNews for news about these episodes as it becomes available!

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