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Yes, The Flash Referenced Ralph Dibny In Season 1

"Elongated Journey Into Night" isn't the first time we've heard the name "Ralph Dibny" on The Flash. Plus, a preview clip!

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Flash on Set: Carlos Valdes & Keiynan Lonsdale Talk “H.R.”

Interview with Keiynan Lonsdale & Carlos Valdes of The Flash as they talk about "H.R."

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The Flash “Magenta” Preview Images

Preview images for the Flash episode "Magenta" airing October 18 on The CW

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The Flash: Screencaps From The “Magenta” Preview Trailer

Screen captures from the preview trailer for the Flash episode "Magenta"

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Interview: Talking Flash Season 3 With Todd & Aaron Helbing


Craig Byrne from FlashTVNews interviews the Executive Producers of The Flash about the show's upcoming third season.

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Tom Cavanagh Will Be A Series Regular For Flash Season 3


Tom Cavanagh is staying with The Flash for Season 3.

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The Flash #2.7 “Gorilla Warfare” Recap & Review

Grodd's return makes for a fun one-off and spotlight for Caitlin and Harry, but a pause in momentum and retread of stories for everyone else.

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The Flash #2.6 “Enter Zoom” Recap & Review

A relatively light affair carries a sense of foreboding that continues until a shocking wallop of an ending.

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The Flash #2.5 “The Darkness And The Light” Recap & Review

The repercussions of Earth-2 and the existence of parallel doubles amps up the story in a strong, busy episode.

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The Flash: Screencaps From “The Darkness and the Light” Extended Promo

Screen captures from the extended promo trailer for the Flash episode "The Darkness and the Light"

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