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1990’s “Flash” John Wesley Shipp “Enthusiastically Rooting” For Grant Gustin & The Character’s New Adventure

theflashJohn Wesley Shipp, who played Barry Allen/The Flash on the 1990 CBS television series The Flash, has nice words to say about the new Barry Allen, Grant Gustin, who makes his first appearance as the character on three Season 2 episodes of Arrow… and, if all goes right, his own spin-off television series to follow.

Shipp commented about the new Flash this evening on his Facebook page.

“FLASH fans are getting what we’ve wanted for years, and been teased with: a new live-action incarnation to keep the legend alive,” he wrote.

“How long have we gotten our hopes up, only to face another delay? And now we’ve got it: the backstory begins on the way to a new series! I can’t express how much I appreciate all of the mail and sentiments I am receiving in admiration for our achievement, FLASH 1990-91, of which I am very proud. (It’s not “either or,” it’s “both and!”) Now, join me in enthusiastically rooting for the creative team orbiting ARROW, and for Grant in particular, as they take us on this new adventure into comic lore, at last,” he continued.

Grant Gustin’s first Arrow episode as Barry Allen/The Flash will likely air December 4 on The CW. John Wesley Shipp’s Flash series can be found on DVD. And his good attitude about The Flash means he’ll totally be showing up on the new show, right? We as fans can hope.

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  1. Sooo looking forward to December 4th and the spin-off show, hope Mr. Shipp makes an appearance as a professor with knowledge of the speed force kinda like the late Chris Reeve on Smallville.

  2. I talked with John and he said he’d love to make an appearance on either Arrow or The Flash, but no one has called him, if they do he’ll be there faster than the Flash, so here’s hoping WB gives him a ring

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