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Ciara Renee/Hawkgirl Is NOT In The Flash Season Finale

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 5.57.13 PMEarlier today, the photo to your left was posted on Instagram and Tweeted out by actress Ciara Renee, who plays Hawkgirl/Kendra Saunders in the upcoming Arrow/Flash spinoff project. Many have taken this as a clue that the actress would be in the Flash season finale, as the photo says “The Flash Welcomes Kendra Saunders.”

In any event… FlashTVNews has checked with the studio, and have been told that Ciara Renee is NOT in the Flash season finale. Which means that either the sign is there representing the spinoff taping, perhaps… she’s appearing somewhere else, or in a different episode… maybe she’s there for a photoshoot or costume tests… maybe she’s there to film a promo for the upcoming spinoff…  or… maybe she’s having fun with her followers.

Any guesses from all of you would be welcome below in the comments section. When and if we ever find out what that trailer door means, we’ll let you know.


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  1. The network was hoodwinking. She will totally be in the closing minutes of the finale. The only other possibility is that she’ll be in the Arrow finale. The spin-off is not even close to the start of production, so shes definitely not filming it. They could also be filming something for the upfronts.

    • FYI, Renee has since swiftly deleted this image and tweet. Network hoodwinkers have struck once again. Could not be more excited for this!

  2. The recent promo reel shows RF falling from a large height and trashing a car upon impact. So, maybe a Hawkgirl in mid-flight picked up RF and dropped him.

    • I’m assuming that was The Atom…. since, if Hawkgirl even was filming, she would have just started.

      • That would be another reasonable assumption IF Atom was slated to appear, however there hasn’t been anything said to such effect. From the promo, we’ve seen Flash, Arrow and Firestorm ready to battle it out in (presumably) the finale with RF.

        I’m guessing that the few frames of the promo that showed Oliver standing above an on the floor RF come AFTER the car drop shot.

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