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Flash Repeat On November 4

PilotPerhaps due to some elections on Tuesday night, November 4, there will be no new episode of The Flash on that night.

Instead, fans will get a repeat of this coming Tuesday’s episode, “Things You Can’t Outrun,” which you can find some photos of here.

Don’t worry: new episodes will be airing on October 21 and 28, and surely will be on for much of November, including the crossover with Arrow.

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  1. Since the show is serial for the most part, they can’t show episodes out of order and are going to have to double-up before Week 8 to keep the crossover event intact. One option is to air episode 5, 6 or 7 on Thursday in The Vampire Diaries slot, which also would serve putting TVD back on the same broadcast schedule as the other CW shows.

    • It’s an off-year election – I would have run the episode live anyway, as no significant returns would be reported before 9pm.

  2. Arrow crossover’s in December.

    • The main part of the crossover is episode 8 of both shows. Currently, the shows are in sync schedule-wise. If Flash skips 11/4 and they don’t air two episodes within a week to get back on schedule, that throws the sequence off on the crossover which is Arrow S03E07 / Flash S01E08 / Arrow S03E08.

      • Arrow always breaks for Thanksgiving.

        • I counted that. Thanksgiving falls between Arrow’s 7th and 8th episodes. So actually, there already was a two-week break between the prelude in Arrow #7 and the first part of the crossover in Flash #8 … unless they plan on not skipping Thanksgiving week for Flash, which is a possibility I hadn’t contemplated. That’s probably the scenario.

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