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Flash Season 3 First Look: Keiynan Lonsdale Is KID FLASH!

The CW has provided FlashTVNews with the first photo from the upcoming third season of The Flash.

The Flash Season 3 premieres October 4 on The CW with an episode titled “Flashpoint.”

What’s in this photo? Only Keiynan Lonsdale in his first shot in costume as Kid Flash. Yes, the story from the comics, where Wally West is a Flash himself, comes to life on TV! This costume is very true to what we’re currently seeing in DC Comics — another fantastic job by the Flash costume team!

You can see the photo below. Enjoy, and be sure to follow @FlashTVNews on Twitter or our Facebook page for more Season 3 updates as they come in the next few weeks!

UPDATE: The CW’s official Flash Twitter has now released a SECOND photo, so we’ve put both into a gallery below! Enjoy!



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  1. I bet Flashpoint last 1 episode, or 2-3 at most before Barry goes back in time to prevent himself from saving his mother and put everything back to normal. It will be back before the 4 ways crossover, that much is a given because the other 3 shows won’t be affected since they’re tied to the flash, but standalone too (I don’t care what Stephen Amell says, he is a liar).

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