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Flash Spoilers: Episode 2 Credits & Title

BsHfILtCUAAgYU5The Twitter feed of actor Rick Cosnett yesterday revealed the title of the second episode of The Flash.

The title, which borrows three out of four words from the tagline of many Flash comics, is “Fastest Man Alive.”

The story is by Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg and the teleplay comes from Andrew Kreisberg & Geoff Johns. As we suspected on our Twitter feed a few weeks back, David Nutter is directing.

No details are known about the episode yet, though TV Line says the episode might make people feel a little “Mist-y.”

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  1. Here are some names for the folks at The Flash: Tomas Oscar Morrow (aka T.O. Morrow) and his creation Red Tornado! How cool would that be. Flash could start off busting Morrows secret lab and finding the android Tornado and fixing him up at STAR labs to be a fellow crime fighter!

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