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Former Flash John Wesley Shipp Joins The New Show

flashshippWhile details of his character have not yet been revealed, various media outlets are reporting that John Wesley Shipp, who played Barry Allen/The Flash in the original Flash TV series, will be guest starring in the Flash pilot as a “mysterious character” who could be recurring if the show becomes a regular series.

Jay Garrick, anyone?

Regardless… this is very exciting news!

The pilot will be shooting in March.

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  1. Jay Garrick or possibly Barry’s father that is in prison. Either way…. YEAH!!!!

  2. Am I the only one thinking he is going to be Bart Allen Barry’s dad?

  3. Shipp playing Jay Garrick would be freaking awesome.

  4. Ok, that’s one fanboy dream fulfilled. Now let’s get a Mark Hamil guest appearance.

  5. Ever since shipp mentioned months ago he be open to doing the show. I been waiting for it to happen. For y guess he is likely to be barry imprisoned father. But I personally hope he is jay garrick. I would have picked him as thawne/reverse flash but that bubble was poped already. Now we just need to down the road get michael rosenbaum and sv implusive to appear on the show.

  6. The only possible choice for Jay Garrick

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