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Is Flash Casting An African-American Iris?

irisallenWhile there’s been no confirmation from the studio or the network on this, it appears that Iris West will look a bit different than who we’ve seen before in the Flash pilot that will be filmed in early 2014.

A site called Bludhaven Banter managed to get a hold of the casting breakdowns for Iris West and Detective West, her father. Iris is described as African-American, between 22 and 28, and “as smart as she is beautiful.” Flash’s Iris is in grad school studying psychology. The breakdown also refers to her as “Barry’s mile a minute, fast-talking, quick-witted best friend” – the one “not-tough” thing in a tough childhood for Barry. Her father, Detective West, took Barry in when his mother was murdered, and she has no idea Barry has feelings beyond friendship for her.

BaqObbfCYAAojhaIris’ father, Detective West, is an “honest blue collar cop who’s seen it all.” Like Barry, he went through the foster system himself, and he believes in Barry and supports his efforts to prove his father’s innocence.

You can read the actual breakdowns on that site.

Now, it is quite possible plans could change in the casting process, but considering this site was accurate in the past with Ant-Man casting information, it seems this one is most likely legit. These are the same two roles that had been Tweeted by casting director David Rapaport yesterday.

We posted some of our own Flash casting choices the other day; with this new information, who might our pick be? How about Aeriél Miranda, who played “Piper” on The Tomorrow People a few weeks ago?

Either way, stay tuned as the next few months should have a number of casting announcements — including official ones.

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  1. Personally I don’t like when they gender/race change characters. Minor characters ok, but iris also ties to other legacy flash character wally/bart and other future speedsters. So I don’t want to see characters changed for no real need. But the other hand we don’t know officially if those breakdowns are real yet. So let’s see where things go first. And also even if they where to be looking for african americans to fill roles. They could change plans if other actors come in and they decide to change a different character.

    • I don’t mind race/gender bending but you said it would also be consequential to Wally and Bart and then I realised how big the impact of changing Iris’s race would be – and honestly, I couldn’t deal if they took away Wally’s red hair and freckles!

  2. Please don’t change the source material!!! That’s all I have to say.

  3. I think it’s perfectly fine as long as they don’t change the role itself, and I’m sometimes even fine with that. Still, I don’t don’t see how the race will change the actual legacy of the character. Events from the comic can still play out just fine. I’m more concered with the writing being good. Not a big deal to me. It’s nice to see some diversity anyway. Time will tell how accurate it is.

  4. What a black iris not gonna support the show! Just like how I didn’t support the new man of steel movie! Because the couldn’t cast a real alien to play superman! Really DC a human played superman! Boo!!!!!

  5. Amber Stevens would make a great Iris! And Blair Underwood could play the father of Iris….

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