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Killer Frost Flash Season 6 Costume Revealed

After Flash Season 6 public filming revealed some peeks at Killer Frost’s new costume for the sixth season, the actress who played her, Danielle Panabaker, decided to Tweet out a pretty nice photo of it.

“When you show up to the first day of school in your brand new outfit,” Panabaker captioned it.

Cisco left Caitlin a new costume at the end of Season 5 — and a new suit was something Danielle Panabaker had wanted for a while.

“I want a new suit,” Panabaker told Entertainment Tonight earlier this year. “The Season 4 suit was different than the Season 3 suit and I want a new suit, absolutely. Killer Frost is a little bit like Vibe in that she, and like most of the superheroes, that she has to go somewhere to put her suit on, Flash has to put his suit on. So, I’m excited to see what her suit looks like whenever she gets it.”

This new costume appears to be inspired by Killer Frost’s current DC Rebirth look in the comics. You can see Danielle Panabaker’s Tweet below; The Flash returns with new Season 5 episodes October 8 on The CW.


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