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Matt Barr & James Mackay Among Potential Flash Actors

68663Latino Review’s “El Mayimbe” has broken several scoops the movie studios didn’t want people to know yet, and unlike recent rumors like, say, “Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor,” which come from sites with no credible sources, sometimes his predictions pan out.

Tonight, El Mayimbe postedalthough we warn that this has not been confirmed by the studio or the network, so treat this as rumor and not fact at this point — even though we do point out that he is frequently right — that the studio will is down to three final choices for the Barry Allen/Flash role, which will first appear on the eighth episode of Arrow Season 2, which begins filming September 30. One of those three choices is, at the time of this writing, not yet known. (UPDATE: Now he is.)

But who else has Latino Review tipped for Barry Allen?


One, which has even come up on Twitter weeks ago, is Matt Barr, whose “Dan Patch” was by and large one of the best parts of The CW’s Hellcats. If he doesn’t get this part, someone at Marvel had better get this guy for Cannonball, but that’s a different comic book universe. Barr could definitely pull off the role of Barry Allen.


The other is James Mackay. We admit: We’re not familiar with the Australian-born actor, whose credits include Singularity and The Straits. He’s certainly good looking, though we do wonder what he’d look like with blond hair.

You can read the Latino Review article here.

Hopefully, this means we will know for sure who will be playing Dr. Barry Allen sometime this week. Who do you want to see? Leave some comments below. Us? We’d be happy with either of these choices, and Door #3 might be good as well.


  1. it most likely will be barr.

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