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More Images Of The Flash Costume With On-Set Pictures!

First Shots Of Grant Gustin Wearing 'The Flash' CostumeThanks again to Grant Gustin News who purchased the photos from FameFlyNet… we have some more photos from Flash pilot filming – more specifically today’s pilot filming, featuring the newly-revealed costume!

It doesn’t look as cool without the proper lighting, to be fair… it almost even looks Daredevil-y… but when we see this in super-speed motion it’ll surely be great!

We can also see now what the belt looks like!

Have a look:

Grant Gustin as the Flash

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51352548 First shots of actor Grant Gustin wearing his Flash costume on the set of 'The Flash' in Vancouver, Canada on March 11, 2014. FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813

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  1. looks awful. hopefully the story writing is excellent

  2. great to see more photos of it on set in natural light to see how all the colors and everything looks on the suit. Nice to see how the bolt/belt and boots look as we couldnt see them all clearly in the official shot from the other day. Cant wait to see how it looks in action, and other the proper lighting/fliters and color correction.

  3. Looks awesome except for that bright out of place chest piece which will definitely be distracting, but it will be good to see some daytime superhero action unlike in Arrow.

  4. I love the chest piece, they really made a non-cartoon like costume that could exist in this universe and still remain true to the source material

  5. They’re doing it sooooo wrong!!!! He looks like such a weakling. It’s like he is going to run for two blocks and faint lol.

  6. Terrible. It looks like a futuristic 1st world war pilot’s gear, and the belt? Argggh. At least in the first pic, but is seems to look great up close though. Strange.

  7. You guys need to fix the suit! The Flash does’t wear leather, or a belt. How is that going to fit into his ring? He looks more like a bootlegged Dear Devil than the Flash! Also where is his blonde hair. Did the designer put any research into the design of his suit? How is that going to stay on him when he is running faster than light? If you guys can’t do it right then don’t do it.

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