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Smallville History: A Forgotten Flash

runseeya15 years ago today, the show that started it all, Smallville, premiered on The WB Network, which later merged with UPN to become The CW. The series lasted 218 episodes and paved the way for such shows as Arrow and The Flash on The CW network.

In 2004, the Smallville episode “Run” was the first to really bring in a “guest hero” – and while the character Bart Allen later took the code name “Impulse,” WB promos called him The Flash.

Unlike John Wesley Shipp and other alums from The Flash TV series of 1990, Kyle Gallner, who currently stars in WGN’s Outsiders, hasn’t been on The Flash… yet. But his place in Flash history should not be ignored. Maybe sometime?

You can see the Smallville “Run” promo trailer below; some photos from the episode can be found here.

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Craig Byrne began writing about TV on the internet in 1995, and has since had several books published, including the official Smallville companion books. In addition to running KSiteTV, he is webmaster of several spin-off sites, including KryptonSite, GreenArrowTV, SHIELDsite.net, and FlashTVNews.


  1. Craig you gotta admit that smallville sucked the entire 10 years of its airtime. it made people want decent tv shows about superheroes. it just happened to be the only show about a superhero at the time, thats the only reason it survived for so long. the only thing good about it was when it ended, that gave cw the chance to replace it with something decent. so we got Arrow, followed by The Flash, then Legends and Supergirl. and Supergirl’s Superman is far better than tom welling in every way. tom welling cant act his way out of a wet paper bag

    • Actually having written 4 companion books for the series I can definitely say “no” to that “it sucked the entire 10 years of its airtime.” Sure, there were bad moments – like the disappointing series finale – but it still goes without saying that without Smallville, shows like The Flash wouldn’t exist.

      And I’m not arguing with you that Hoechlin is better, because he is better than Welling. But I can still appreciate what Smallville was. The Flash episode “Run” as well as Bart’s second episode “Justice” were incredible.

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