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The Flash: Danielle Panabaker on Directing “License to Elongate,” Romance For Her Character

Tonight (November 19) at 8PM on The CW, The Flash returns with a new episode directed by “Killer Frost” herself, Danielle Panabaker! It’s her second time around in the Flash director’s chair, and “License to Elongate” is a fun team-up between Barry and Ralph which also includes some nice moments for Nash and a surprise character as well as Cecile with Chester P. Runk.

Following a screening hosted by The CW earlier this week, Danielle Panabaker as well as showrunner Eric Wallace participated in a Q&A to talk about this episode and some other topics concerning Caitlin and her chilly alter ego.

“I was a little more confident this time for sure, having done it once before, but the fun thing about Flash and particularly this season is that every episode really has its own flavor,” Panabaker told the group about her return to the director role. “They’ve been really distinct and unique and to get to play with a lot of the Bond homages and stuff was really fun for me in this one. This episode has less has less special effects than ‘Godspeed’ did, so it’s a different skill set to get to do more with the stunts and that sort of thing,” she continued.

“She is a terrific director,” Eric Wallace said about the job Danielle had done on the episode. “I can say that with confidence because I saw her in action. She was so prepared. She knew exactly what she was doing. Shot construction, working with the DP, working with the actors, having things cut in her head. I would be not surprised at all to see her directing many more episodes of the show. She just did a terrific job, and I’m super happy.”

Also during the Q&A Panabaker was asked about Caitlin’s “one true pairing” – and if there’s romance in store for Killer Frost.

“Personally, I think it Caitlin’s one true pairing was Ronnie and I still hold out hope that he maybe didn’t die in the particle accelerator explosion, even though I’m pretty sure he did,” Danielle said. “I just love Robbie [Amell], and I love that characterm and I do feel like they are meant to be together. But the question of who [it would be for] Killer Frost? I mean, do we even think Killer Frost has a one true pairing? Let’s be honest, I can see Caitlin marrying Ronnie and living happily ever after. Like, do we see that for Killer Frost? I don’t know if I do.”

In the writers’ room, there is a gag that keeps getting cut out about what kind of guy Killer Frost would go for.

“It’s funny, because she actually has a crush,” Wallace revealed. “It’s a running joke that always gets cut out of drafts, usually. Killer Frost is obsessed with The Breakfast Club, and it’s her favorite movie, and she has a wild crush on the Judd Nelson character. We’ve had it in the script multiple times, and it always gets lost on the cutting room floor at some point. So maybe she has a type,” he teqased.”

“I just I don’t know that Killer Frost is ever really going to be the type to settle down,” Danielle said. “Or maybe we’ll meet her person at some point. Who knows? It’ll be something fun to explore at some point for sure.”

A new episode of The Flash airs tonight on The CW. See pictures from the episode here and below, find a clip!

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