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The Flash “King Shark” Ratings Report

Grant Gustin David RamseyOvernight ratings for last night’s episode of The Flash are in, and again, they’re good!

“King Shark” had 3.82 million viewers and a 1.4/5 in the Ages 18-49 demo. Demographically, the show came in #2 for its timeslot, beaten only by CBS.

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  1. I thought that this episode might be quite good; and honestly I’m rather surprised at the ratings. This episode was really good to focus on King Shark. The backstory was…interesting and a bit silly, but was good needlessly to say. I was a bit bothered by Caitlin’s behavior to Cisco. But Jay’s death most certainly did have an impact on everyone, but for her to be snippy and rude when she I think she should have been a more actual sad then how she turned out in the beginning. However Barry’s feelings that he admitted to Joe and Iris was good and emotional as well as understanding, but his getting along with Wally wasn’t all that good even though it had some good little bits like Wally’s idea for a new kind of power car was interesting. And lastly the effects for King Shark was really good, especially his holding cell at Argus. But its the type of thing that I’ve seen before, and we knew that the team would catch him again. But how it was done, was interesting, but I was expecting more and the fact that I think Diggle and Lyla knew that King Shark couldn’t be killed by bullitt’s, so why keep firing at him? It may sound a bit stupid but it’s kinda the truth. Overall I wouldn’t say this episode was amazing or great, but it wasn’t bad either. Just somewhere in between I guess. But the one big great thing that was shown finally is who Zoom really is, I was surprised to a point but kinda also saw it, because there isn’t many people we know that we’ve seen that have been in season 2 that know a lot about speed. So it makes sense. Looking forward to see how they come up with this one though.

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