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The Flash “Trajectory” Overnight Ratings Report

Perhaps affirming that breaks within the broadcast TV season hurt ratings more than they help, The Flash had season lows for last night’s episode “Trajectory.”

Flash TrajectoryThe show had 3 million viewers and a 1.1/4 in the demo. The show still beat FOX’s New Girl and Grandfathered in total viewers and also beat ABC’s The Real O’Neals in the Ages 18-49 demographic.

Sadly, breaks are a necessary evil when you have 23 episodes to spread over a period of eight months. If The CW were to film an entire season before airing, and air everything back-to-back, there would be over half a year between seasons, and that might be even worse. And — hey — The Flash is still The CW’s #1 show at the end of the day.

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  1. The break explains the drop to a degree. But this is a huge dip (around 800.000 viewers) and it represents The Flash least viewed episode by far. In my opinion, the lack of promotion played a bigger role than the hiatus itself. Trajectory has hardly been mentioned this week as everyone on the show has been plugging the crossover with Supergirl. You would be forgiven for not knowing The Flash was airing a new episode this week.

  2. No. The low ratings is due to The Flash not having any promotions until day of. Super girl which I do not watch was promoted too much…

  3. The ratings look to me like they are actually up, because I’ve seen past ratings and this to me looks higher; but then I don’t understand the TV rating system. I thought this episode was enjoyable in a sense and it showed a real father/daughter conversation between Wells and his daughter which was something I didn’t necessarily think I’d see in this episode. But I enjoyed it for what it was. Although the stuff the didn’t stick out for me to much was Wally’s brief cameo in the beginning, it did feel a little unnecessarily, but it made sense in a way. The thing however with Iris and her boss was weird, that kinda didn’t need to happen, but maybe it set something up for her for the rest of the season, I don’t know. Iris’s boss is someone I haven’t really liked to well for him trying to show certain people for who they are in a dark way which I didn’t like. But now that I know why he does it and is changing things around it bit, I actually don’t mind him now cause what he explained earlier about why he tries to expose people in that way makes sense. The story with Trajectory was interesting, although it does remind me off normal people from Spiderman and the Amazing Spiderman where Norman Osborn and Dr. Connors both heard things in their head and turned them into something their not which is exactly what happened with Caitlin’s colleague and that is something that we haven’t quite seen in the flash before. For me though it’s interesting in a way for them to put it into a show instead of another Spiderman movie. Her character though was a bit loony, but it worked enough for me. I don’t know if I liked her or not though, but at least we got to see someone that Caitlin became friends with at Mercury labs and learned what they were once working on. I guess I am glad that the team finally knows who Zoom is, but maybe they could have waited a bit loner. But maybe its a good thing that showed that now because they will be working on a way to bring him down or somehow get back to earth 2. I can see a few ways this could go in order for them to stop him, but then again I can very easily be wrong. Another thing I didn’t quite like was when Well’s daughter left a message and left for a city that I can’t say I’ve heard of in this universe. I wish things could have left off a little better between them. But it does make sense. And the last thing I liked is that they finally showed Barry working on getting faster as they have been talking about it for a little while now and now they’re actually starting to do it, which is a bigger step in a way for the show. It’ll be interesting to see how he increases his speed for the rest of this season. Overall I would give this episode a little more above average, but not amazaing. Bring on the next!

  4. I know it The Flash will bounce back, next week, LOVE THE FLASH!!!!

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