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Video: See Behind The Scenes Of A Crash From The Flash Pilot!

Canadagraphs has one of the most comprehensive websites when it comes to unofficial behind the scenes material for Vancouver-filmed productions, and today, they posted a look at a car crash stunt that will certainly look even cooler on the screen in the first episode of The Flash.

But, if you’d like a peek behind the curtain to see how it’s done, here’s the car stunt. You can read Canadagraphs’ report of it all here.

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  1. This show looks a bit bigger in scale, but maybe it’s just the fact that all the pics we’ve seen are in the day as most of the show will likely be, unlike Arrow where he puts on the suit after dark, which will be interesting to see with more detail from the daylight. This show seems like it’s closer to Smallville with the tone, style and scale.

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