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Flash Advance Review: “Elongated Journey Into Night”

FlashTVNews gives an advance review for tonight’s episode of The Flash, “Elongated Journey Into Night”



Ralph Dibny stretches his way onto The Flash tonight! And he’s kind of a jerk. It’s not the Ralph that people know and love from the comics, but like any good comic book character, he needs to grow and get better.

As exciting as the coming of the character we’ll eventually know as the Elongated Man is, the most fun to be had from tonight’s Flash, “Elongated Journey Into Night,” is the arrival of Danny Trejo as Gypsy’s father, “Breacher.” The way he interacts with actors Jessica Camacho and Carlos Valdes is alone worth the price of admission; there’s something comical about seeing someone who looks so mean and menacing but you know he’d do anything for his daughter.

“Elongated Journey Into Night” is also notable because it’s co-written by Sterling Gates who was the writer of the best Supergirl comic books of the past decade. With that background, he obviously knows the material, and you can also tell he cares a lot about the characters of The Flash. Also a plus in the knowledge department is director Tom Cavanagh (pulling double duty with acting as Harry Wells), who even had some input into how one of the final scenes of the episode would be shown.

What else can be said about tonight’s episode?

Ralph Dibny doesn’t like Barry! Can you believe it? And it’s not because of something Barry has done as The Flash; it’s because of something he did as Barry Allen.

Elongated stretches. The VFX team beyond The Flash seem to have a lot of fun with Dibny who pulls off some of his signature moves from the comic books. Hartley Sawyer’s face seems naturally fit for stretching, and at times he looks just like the comic book version of the character.

Danny Trejo’s delivery. Always Danny Trejo’s delivery. So much fun, and he has some great lines.

Cisco says three words to Gypsy. Not the ones you are expecting. And obviously, Carlos Valdes plays a terrified Cisco so, so well.

How long will it be before people find out Joe and Cecile’s good news? Self explanatory.

Mayor Anthony Bellows has his largest role yet. One underrated great thing The Flash has done is bringing in actors from the original Flash TV show. Tonight’s episode reveals something about Bellows that is a more direct tie to the original show, though sadly, there’s no mention of his late partner Murphy, if you can guess where I’m going with this. It was such a fun idea to use actor Vito D’Ambrosio more on this show; hopefully this will be going on for a while.

So how is the episode? As cool as it is to see Ralph Dibny, the real treat here is the Cisco/Gypsy/Breacher plot and any possible story developments with The Thinker. Some parts get silly, as one would expect from a story with the Elongated Man, but fortunately, it’s not as ridiculously silly, as, say, Hazard was last week. The story also does a great job of setting up what might happen next.

You can see some preview images from “Elongated Journey into Night” below.


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The Flash -- "Elongated Journey Into Night" -- Image Number: FLA404a_0019b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Hartley Sawyer as Dibney and Grant Gustin as The Flash -- Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

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The Flash: Armageddon (Season 8) Trailer Is Here!

The CW has released a trailer for their Flash Season 8 “Armageddon” premiere event.



The CW today released the first trailer for The Flash “Armageddon” event that will comprise the first 5 episodes of Season 8!

Many big guest stars are seen in the promo, including Black Lightning (Cress Williams), Mia Smoak-Queen (Kat McNamara), Ray Palmer/The Atom (Brandon Routh), Ryan Choi (Osric Chau), and Batwoman (Javicia Leslie!) Alex Danvers as played by Supergirl’s Chyler Leigh is also scheduled to appear in this event, as they all stand up against Despero (Tony Curran).

The new season will speed in on Tuesday, November 16, which means we should have photos and more cool stuff soon – be sure to follow @FlashTVNews on Twitter for news on as it speeds in!

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DC FanDome: Official Flash Season 8 Costume Photo Revealed

The Flash gets a costume upgrade for Season 8 in a new photo revealed at DC FanDome.



Today at the DC FanDome virtual event, the new boots for Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash for Flash Season 8 were revealed… and Barry finally has his iconic gold boots in his TV incarnation.

We’ve come a long way from the original burgundy costume with the red background of the insignia, hafven’t we?

When asked about the upgrade at DC FanDome, Grant Gustin described them as “the final element that’s been missing.”

“I’ve loved all the versions of The Flash suit we’ve had on the show, but the suit we have now is the closest to the many iterations you see in the comic books — with the exception of those gold boots! I’ve always felt that those boots would be the final touch,” he added.

With the announcement, DC FanDome unveiled an official first look at the new suit, which also includes a newly designed center crest and wings. You can see the new look photo below.

From Berlanti Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television, The Flash returns for Season 8 with the five-part “Armageddon” mega-event beginning Tuesday, November 16, at 8/7c on The CW. Based on the DC characters, the series is executive produced by Greg Berlanti, Eric Wallace, Sarah Schechter, Jonathan Butler and Gabriel Garza.

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Speculation: Does The Arrowverse “Armageddon” Event Take Place In The Future?

FlashTVNews’ Craig Byrne speculates that the “Armageddon” Arrowverse crossover may take place in The Flash’s future…



In 1991, DC Comics had a crossover that went through all of their comic book Annuals. The event was called “Armageddon 2001” and took place in the then-far future of the DC Universe. We got to see different outcomes for many characters, and the villainous Monarch was revealed to be one of DC’s heroes.

Today, The CW announced this year’s crossover event that kicks off The Flash Season 8. It’s called “Armageddon” and some old favorites are back to join Barry, Iris, and Team Flash against whatever challenges they face – challenges that include Damien Darhk and Eobard Thawne/The Reverse Flash. Do note that both of those characters are known to travel through time — and that one of the returning heroes, Mia Smoak-Queen, is currently in the year 2040.

Who else is from the future? Recent Flash visitors Nora and Bart, the children of Barry and Iris. They were still in the present when we last saw them at their parents’ vow renewal.

So, here’s a prediction: What if this is an adaptation of “Armageddon 2001” but is instead “Armageddon 2051” or something like that? It would be a way to tie up loose ends like William’s kidnapping from Green Arrow and the Canaries without actually having to see it. Likewise, we don’t know for a fact that some of these guests are the 2021 versions; perhaps, for example, Black Lightning is an older Jefferson Pierce from the future, no longer retired?

But this also brings up another question: Where’s the Superman & Lois representation?

If it is the future, could the Superman there be Jordan Kent? Or, like DC’s recent “Future State” event which in many ways was like “Armageddon 2001” in previewing the future, a Jonathan Kent with powers? Being 20+ years older, it would necessitate a recasting for sure, so that would explain not being in the original announcement.

Surely, we’ll know more between now and November when the event premieres. It is a bit weird that, if there is time travel, the Legends of Tomorrow aren’t present aside from Ray Palmer who is no longer on the team. In any event, we’re very, very curious….

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