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The Flash And Supergirl Cross Over A Little Early

supergirlflySPOILERS for tonight’s episode of The Flash, “Welcome to Earth-2” within.

Yes, that was Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl that you saw as everyone was traveling into Earth-2, a whole month and a half before Grant Gustin visits her show on March 29.

Yes, that was John Wesley Shipp’s Flash from the original Flash TV show.

What all do we see in this sequence?

The Green Arrow – Someone wearing a Green Arrow hood was in the montage, and it looks like it might not be Stephen Amell. Connor Hawke from an upcoming episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow? Maybe. Shame they couldn’t have put in a shot of Justin Hartley from Smallville there.

Flash 1990 – John Wesley Shipp, aka Henry Allen, was TV’s first Flash and we’re seeing him here for the first time, confirming that Flash series happened on another Earth. (What if Zoom is THAT Barry Allen?) His lightning bolt is facing the wrong direction, though.

Grodd – ‘Nuff said.

Jonah Hex – We’re assuming that’s Johnathon Schaech from Episode 11 of Legends of Tomorrow.

Legion Flight Ring – The Legion of Super-Heroes wear these to fly in the future. Booster Gold has a ring like this, too.

Quite cool, eh? Opens a multiverse of possibilities…

You can see some screen captures below.

Green Arrow in the Flash Multiverse

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  1. The 1990 John Wesley Shipp Flash picture is a reversed negative or flipped image. That’s why the lightning bolt faces the wrong way.

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