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Classic Flash Icons To Appear At Cinefamily For 25th Anniversary Tribute

tumblr_m5h8y39sVx1r03vo2o1_1280-436x550Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theatre in Hollywood is gathering some Flash icons on Saturday, April 25.

John Wesley Shipp, star of the original Flash series, where he played Barry Allen, leads the charge… you might recognize him from the new series, where he plays Barry’s dad, Henry. Joining him is Vito D’Ambrosio (Officer Tony Bellows in the original series and Mayor Anthony Bellows in the new one), Mark Hamill (The Trickster Sr.!), Joyce Hyser (Megan Lockhart), Mike Genovese (Lt. Garfield), original series producers/creators Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo, writers Howard Chaykin and Gail Morgan Hickman, 1st AD/writer David Newman, director Bruce Bilson, Flash suit designer Robert Short… and the current Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg!

Here’s how Cinefamily describes what will be going on on April 25. It is said that “selected Flash episodes” will be screened at the event.

Many years ago, in the “dark ages” of TV-ized primetime comic book characters — back when, to survive on the air, a hefty dose of camp a la Wonder Woman — one show stood out as a beacon of hope for the faithful. Coming right behind the first Tim Burton Batman film, the 1990 incarnation of The Flash, starring John Wesley Shipp in the title role, lasted only a single season, yet the reverberations of its tone, approach and show-stopping SFX are still felt today in every episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Arrow and, well, the new version of The Flash. This show was a bold move for a major network, in terms of scope (at a budget of over $1million per episode) and in rendering a fantasy world rich with gutsy, complex drama.

You can get more information and details on how to purchase tickets here.

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