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The Flash: “All-Star Team Up” Ratings Report

FLA118A_0135bInitial overnight ratings numbers for last night’s Flash are in.

Final numbers can and will go up, especially when DVR and other things are factored in, but right now, it’s looking like 3.5 million viewers for “All-Star Team Up” and a 1.3/5 in the demo, keeping The Flash in the same ratings range as shows on ABC and FOX.

If you’ve seen “All-Star Team Up” and want to talk about it with other fans, come by our forum!

Next week will bring us “Who Is Harrison Wells?” Promotional images from that episode can be found here.

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  1. I wouldn’t say this episode was great but it was good to pretty good. The story to this episode was unique in its own way but was also a bit silly but still had some pretty good character moments and action sequences throughout. Emily Kinney’s portrayal of Brie Larvin was strange but it was however cool to see that she had the same unique computer abilities that Felicity did which made her a good rival for Felicity to finally have. But overall the friend bond that not only Barry had with Ray, but the funny bond that Ray and Cisco had was a good highlight of this episode. And the fight with the Atom with the bees and Barry with Brie was the other big highlight that was enjoyable. But I’m looking forward to the next episodes which will finally have some more action with Harrison Wells that could be pretty exciting as well as finally seeing Barry come face to face with Grodd.

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