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Wentworth Miller Is Open To Returning As Snart

Wentworth Miller isn’t done with The Flash just yet.

A video has surfaced of Miller’s panel at the German Comic Con from earlier this month where he talks a little bit about how it’s a “never say never” thing about returning to the Arrowverse, and he also discusses where his next episode to film will be.

Wentworth Miller is currently appearing on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow with more episodes to come when that show returns on Mondays in February; his last episode contractually to shoot is, however, from the show where it all started.

“I have one more episode to shoot, which I’ll do in January, and I think it’s going to be an episode of The Flash, and then that is it for me, contractually,” Miller said at the panel. “But I will never say never, because I do enjoy this character so much. I have a lot of affection for the cast, and it’s a really hard-working crew, and I’ve enjoyed working in Vancouver. There are many reasons to come back. It just has to be the right story, and so far I think we’ve done a really good job of exploring all that Leonard Snart is, in his various incarnations. If the powers that be can prove to me that there’s more story there that’s worth telling, I’ll certainly consider it,” he said.

You can watch video from the panel, which includes a whole lot of Prison Break questions, below. Also below you can see Grant Gustin and Dominic Purcell talking about Miller’s return and departure from the Arrowverse.

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  1. It was impossible for me to read his comment and not hear it in Snart’s style.

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