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Who Is Harrison Wells? Interview With Tom Cavanagh

FLA101d_0186rSince there is no new episode of The Flash tonight, we’re instead going to dive into the past… a time before The Flash aired every Tuesday on The CW.

This summer, we had a one-on-one interview with Tom Cavanagh, the man who plays the character we’re all wondering about. Who is Harrison Wells? He wouldn’t tell us, though as we’ll see from the interview, he did know the plan for the character upon taking the role.

Also in this interview with the incredibly friendly and introspective Cavanagh, he talks about the kind of audience they’d like for the show, what makes the show compelling for Mr. Cavanagh himself, the father figures of the show, and what he thinks of working with his co-stars, including Grant Gustin. Also, he refers to Wells as a “pariah” again. Hmm…

Obviously, we couldn’t run this prior to the premiere airing, but that would explain why some things like Episode 3 are talked about as if they are in the future… enjoy:

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