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Yes, The Flash Referenced Ralph Dibny In Season 1

“Elongated Journey Into Night” isn’t the first time we’ve heard the name “Ralph Dibny” on The Flash. Plus, a preview clip!



The character of Ralph Dibny makes his first appearance in tonight’s episode of The Flash in the form of actor Hartley Sawyer. Eagle-eyed (or is it eared?) fans of the show might remember, though, that Harrison Wells referenced the character wayyyy back in Season 1’s “Power Outage” as a casualty of the particle accelerator explosion.

When asked about the reference at a recent CW Q&A, Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg joked that he didn’t remember. “You know what, you make a lot of TV, we’re gonna say some things that we probably shouldn’t have,” he joked, before fellow Executive Producer Todd Helbing went and blamed the change on Flashpoint.

“That’s right. Flashpoint erased that. Doesn’t matter. Changed it. Sorry. Awkward!” Kreisberg joked before answering seriously about how long they’ve been wanting to bring Ralph Dibny onto the show.

“Every once in a while, somebody would bring it up as sort of an episodic thing, and we thought that he was sort of too big a deal, but what we really wanted to do was it’s season four, and shows can get stale. We really wanted to bring somebody in and then really have it feel like something new and something different and something you hadn’t seen a lot of on television. Not just his skillset, but also that character,” Kreisberg said.

“You know, shows that have seven years or eight years or nine years, they always have that new character come in around season three or four or five that helps take you through their way. Obviously they’re not similar characters, but you know, thinking about like Faith on Buffy. That was sort of our hope for Ralph,” the producer shared.

You can see Ralph Dibny on a new episode of The Flash tonight (October 31) on The CW! A new preview clip for “Elongated Journey Into Night” can be found below.

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New CW Head Throws Shade At The Flash

New CW President Brad Schwartz has thrown shade at The Flash while propping up another series.



New CW Entertainment President Brad Schwartz today threw some shade at The Flash when propping up one of The CW’s better new performers, Wild Cards, when doing an interview with Deadline.

“You’ll probably be hearing more announcements from us very soon,” he said. “That show did great. It grew 10% versus what The Flash did in the same spot the year before. So, here we are beating shows that everyone’s very romantic about. We’d very much like to renew that one.”

Obviously, this is to show that Canadian imports perform better than more expensive fare… but might it be considered that The Flash was a show in its ninth season – a time when new audiences might not be interested in jumping on to series? Or, perhaps that portions of The Flash fandom had moved on, with no interest in The Cecile Show? Finally, The Flash Season 9 mostly aired at a time where producers and/or cast were unable to promote it, during the 2023 strikes, which makes the comparison very unfair.

Wild Cards is a fun series, but there’s no reason to denigrate The Flash or the superhero shows that made The CW great. Hopefully this was just a wild misunderstanding of his quote. The fact of the matter is: Sometimes more expensive fare is worth investing in. Especially considering how Schwartz hypes up the new season of Superman & Lois, that should be known to the new people in charge of The CW.

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Flash Cast Member Returns for the Superman & Lois Finale

A major actor from The Flash will be playing a role in the series finale of Superman & Lois.



A major cast member from The Flash will be appearing in the series finale of Superman & Lois.

No, it’s not Grant Gustin, sadly… the actor in question is Tom Cavanagh, the actor who brought us infinite Wells variants. Cavanagh revealed this recently at a convention, where he talked about how he usually enjoyed directing season finales for the show, but was unable to in this case because Gregory Smith had already signed on to direct the Superman & Lois finale.

Superman & Lois showrunner Todd Helbing, who had also worked with Cavanagh before on The Flash and recruited him to direct the series’ 100th episode among others, instead suggested he has a role in the finale.

No word yet on what that role might be. As Superman & Lois is at a different spot in the multiverse, it doesn’t necessarily even have to be a version of Harrison Wells or Eobard Thawne. It could serve as a good closer, though, to the Arrowverse in general, as Superman & Lois is the last gasp for that world on The CW. In any event, you can see video of Cavanagh speaking about this (and more) at our Superman & Lois portal, KryptonSite.

The final season of Superman & Lois premieres this Fall on The CW.

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Flash Missing: Vanishes In Crisis, April 25, 2024

The “Flash Missing: Vanishes in Crisis” headline in the Flash TV series pilot was dated April 25, 2024.



While events of the series would ultimately speed up the timeline, Flash fans surely remember the final moments of the pilot episode of the Grant Gustin-led series where we see a Central City Citizen newspaper graphic announcing “Flash Missing, Vanishes In Crisis.” The date of that article? April 25, 2024.

Which happens to be… today.

When The Flash premiered in 2014, one might have expected that April 25, 2024 might be the right time for the final episode of a 10-year run… of course, as we saw, the Crisis happened a few years earlier, The Flash ended in 2023 instead, and it all might have been a good thing, considering how strikes and pandemics got in the show’s way. Still, it’s fun to think about, and it’s fun to remember that fantastic rush we had after the end of watching such an excellent premiere. And hey – not only did we get nine seasons of the show, but we also had a bad Flash movie that the series was far superior to, even in its worst moments. Win-win!

Ride the lightning, everyone.

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