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About That Surprise Guest Star In “Flashpoint”

Sometimes… very rarely… a big spoiler doesn’t leak. And as far as we know, this one didn’t.

If you have not seen the Flash season premiere “Flashpoint” yet, read no more!

juliomendezIn the Flashpoint universe, the police captain isn’t Singh, but instead someone else…. Captain Julio Mendez.

Julio Mendez was a character in the original Flash TV series with John Wesley Shipp. He was played by actor Alex Desert, who reprised the role for the season premiere. He’s the fifth cast member from the original Flash series to show up: Beyond John Wesley Shipp, Amanda Pays (Dr. Tina McGee) played Mercury Labs’ “Dr. Christina McGee,” Mark Hamill reprised his role as the Trickster, and Vito D’Ambrosio (Officer Tony Bellows) is now Mayor Anthony Bellows of Central City. Desert’s appearance gets all the majors in…. unless Bryan Cranston, Angela Bassett, Paula Marshall, or David Cassidy want to show up. David Cassidy’s daughter Katie played “Black Siren” last season, though.

Flash writers, we threatened you if you didn’t find a role for Mr. Desert in Season Three, not knowing you had already done it. Aaron & Todd Helbing hinted we’d see a big Easter egg for the classic Flash show in our interview, and we still had no idea. Well-played, team. Well-played. Now, of course we’ll want to know if he has a non-Flashpoint counterpart, and whether or not he’ll be attending the wedding of Jay Garrick and Dr. Christina McGee that exists in our fanfiction-induced minds.

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  1. So great! I’ve been begging (and tweeting) for him to show up. Ideally I was hoping as a tribute to the original series, they’d not only bring him in, but cast him as Doctor Desmond Powell / Nightshade. He could be a sort of vigilante mentor to Barry. They had that incredible moment in the old show where Barry starts to reveal his identity and Powell stops him and says “I don’t need to know, and you don’t need to complication.”
    Who knows? Even if they kept his name from before, there’s no reason he couldn’t but on the mask and fedora!

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