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Flash: Hartley Sawyer Previews What’s Next For Ralph Dibny

The Flash’s elongated man Ralph Dibny gets a costume in the new episode airing tonight (November 14) on The CW, and it’s not a stretch to suggest that the actor who plays Dibny, Hartley Sawyer, has been one of the series’ best recent additions.

Sawyer was one of the members of The Flash cast that we spoke with last week as part of a press trip to Vancouver, and he talked a little bit about the suit he’ll wear in tonight’s episode “When Harry Met Harry” as well as what it’s like to be a superhero.

On the grey suit:

“The first suit that I get? The grey suit? It’s a little hard to get into, but it’s fun to wear actually. It does not leave much to the imagination, but putting it on is fun and it lends itself to a lot of comedy, a lot of moments there with that.”

Does it really feel like PJs?

“A little bit, although I don’t think I’ve ever worn a onesie that I can remember. But now I need to go get one, because that was really great actually. It was comfortable. Slept it in a few times.”

What’s it like to be on a learning curve from zero to hero?

“The learning curve from zero to hero is a pretty big one. It takes most of the episode for him to get there. It’s tricky because Ralph was not, you know, a bad guy but has just gone on this path. And so coming back from that has been tricky. And also kind of the animosity with Barry has been tricky for him too, but it’s given us a lot of opportunities to play off of that. And just now getting these powers it’s sort of like winning the lottery, like ‘I’ll buy an island, I’ll do this, I’ll do that’. It’s like ‘whoa, take it easy.’ It’s kind of like learning that there’s risks that come with that too.”

Will the suit change?

“Yes, it does go through an evolution. He will get a better suit. A different suit. Maybe not better. It’s very, very different.”

Is Ralph Dibny in the crossover?

“No, he’s not.”

You can watch video from our set visit chat with Hartley Sawyer below.

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