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The Flash: Screencaps From The CW Extended Preview Trailer

Screen-Shot-2014-05-16-at-2.09.26-PMSurely, you’ve hopefully seen the Flash extended promo trailer by now… if you haven’t, you can find it below… but if you’d like to better analyze what can be seen in it, we have a whole lot of screen captures, where you can see the many characters of the show as well as the best attempt we could possibly make at getting screen grabs of someone running faster than the eye can see.

You can see the gallery below. And yes, we know it sucks to go through one by one, but hopefully we’ll have a better kind of gallery around these parts soon.


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  1. U guys usually have around 20 to 30 shots for a 30 second promo for stuff like Arrow so when i saw that u have screencaps of the 5 min Flash trailer i was expecting around 100, then i saw 327 and my jaw dropped LOL. Nice work getting all does detailed shots. We appreciate it! Love Arrow and can’t wait for Flash and Gotham.

  2. I love that the over head views of Central City are my town PORTLAND OREGON!!!!!!!!

  3. I am glad that CW will be showing Flash the series in the fall lineup. I hope that they will release the pilot episode on DVD. I can’t wait to see how the pilot will tell a lot about the series. Good luck to the future.

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