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The Flash Advance Review: “The Flash Reborn” & “Mixed Signals”

FlashTVNews reviews the first two episodes of The Flash Season 4.



The fourth season of The Flash begins tonight at 8PM on The CW! The network has made the first two episodes of the season, tonight’s “The Flash Reborn” and next week’s “Mixed Signals,” available to press, and we have some thoughts! Read on.

“The Flash Reborn” – October 10, 2017

“The Flash Reborn” kicks off Season 4 with promises that the new year won’t be as dark and dour as last year’s downer season did. I admit, my love for The Flash waned a bit because part of what made the show so special was Barry Allen’s optimism.

In tonight’s show, a villain comes demanding a battle with The Flash, and the team has to figure out what to do to stop him. Should they send Wally? Or… should they try to get Barry back? It shouldn’t be considered a spoiler that they do find a way to make it work… though the science of it all is really confusing, and things working out as they do is awfully convenient.

While I am glad Iris has taken on a leadership role at STAR Labs, I almost wish she rather than Cisco was the one who believed that he was still alive and coming back. Candice Patton does, of course, do a great job with the material she is given, as is Carlos Valdes; I think I just wished Iris had been the one to believe all this time, that Barry always makes his way back.

I also have to wonder: If they need a Flash to face this Samurai so badly, why not call up Gypsy to help them find a speedster Barry from another Earth? After all, they found a dozen different Harrison Wells? In a way, I’m glad the show stopped leaning on that “other universes” trope, but it still might’ve done the trick.

Also, yes, it’s nice to see Caitlin again and acting normal and friendly with her peers. Again, no need for downer characters here anymore. Happy Barry, Happy Iris, Happy Caitlin, Happy Cisco, Happy Joe, Happy Wally: That’s the show I want. (And Happy Wells when he decides to show up.)

All in all, “The Flash Reborn” gets all the pieces working again, but it’s the next week’s show, “Mixed Signals,” that’s more exciting to me.

“Mixed Signals” – October 17, 2017

The second episode of The Flash Season 4 is more of the kind of Flash I want to see. Barry’s happy to be The Flash, and Cisco’s made him a new suit with some cool gadgets that weren’t revealed in the spoiler photos. There’s no time travel nonsense, and the only dimensional travel comes in the form of Gypsy.

Barry has fun with his powers when he gets up in the morning with what might be one of the most amusing sequences of the show to date… but… something’s off. He and Iris need to talk. So they go to a therapist played by Donna Pescow! If anyone knows that love conquers all, it would be her. The best part of this is that finally, after four years of “brb gotta speed away,” Iris finally gets to say what’s on her mind.

Meanwhile, the “dangerous meta” from the episode description is Kilg%re from the William Messner-Loebs era of Flash comics, and Cisco is having relationship problems of his own, all while getting advice from a certain female friend.

Beyond the optimism, I love that Team Flash is back. The producers promised “back to basics” and I feel like that’s what’s happening here. There’s still a Wells-sized hole at STAR Labs but we’ll see when that gets resolved.

So… check out the premiere tonight to see how Barry comes back. But even if the premiere is not to your liking, stick around for “Mixed Signals.” It’s worth it.

Join the countdown to tonight’s Flash episode on our Flash forum at KSiteTV!

“The Flash Reborn” Photos“Mixed Signals” Photos

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Virtue: The CW Developing Cecile-Focused Flash Spinoff [APRIL FOOL 2024]

The CW is plotting a spinoff for a major character from The Flash.



DISCLAIMER: This was the FlashTVNews April Fool’s post of 2024. The “news” in this article is not true or factual.

The seal has been broken and Earth-Prime may not be dead after all.

Late tonight, Deadline Weekly revealed that Warner Bros. Television and writers associated with The Flash have landed a deal for Virtue, a series focused on the Cecile character from The Flash as played by Danielle Nicolet. Nicolet is expected to reprise her role in the series, which will take place several years after the events of the Flash finale.

Jesse L. Martin is not expected to be a part of the series as he has prior commitments to The Irrational on NBC. Intel from the studio reveals that some characters fans have been itching to see again — such as Chester, Allegra, Khione, Chillblaine, and Arrow’s Raisa the Maid — might show up in some capacity. In keeping with the current CW lineup, the new show will pair Cecile Horton with a cop to solve crimes — but, of course, that cop will sadly not be Joe.

The official logline for Virtue suggests that Cecile will be a single mother who balances her superpowers and law background with solving crimes and being a mom. She will also reconnect with her daughter Joanie from whom she has been estranged for several years, and it’s expected that the Joanie character may be recast. Many thought The CW was out of the superhero business, but the producers’ pitch showed that her mental-based powers could make the show easier and more affordable to produce on a TV budget. It is expected that some of Cecile’s “level up” powers from Season 9 of The Flash will be toned down, and it is said that another reason Virtue has an advantage is that it doesn’t conflict with James Gunn’s ideas for the upcoming DC Studios movie universe.

No specific writers have been named for Virtue so far, aside from the notion that they worked on The Flash. Additionally, the Deadline Weekly article confirms that neither Grant Gustin nor Candice Patton are expected to show up on the series.

We will keep people updated on Virtue here at FlashTVNews under a special “Virtue TV News” icon; though if you’d like to visit our dedicated Twitter feed for the project, you can find it here.

Please read this article before sharing on other websites.

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Flash References In New Grant Gustin Commercial

The Flash actor Grant Gustin has appeared in a new commercial for MNTN with former Green Lantern Ryan Reynolds.



The Flash Grant Gustin is in a new trailer for MNTN alongside Ryan Reynolds, who, of course, played another DC hero, Green Lantern, back in the day. In the trailer, Grant plays a character named “Seymour Roas” but despite this, Reynolds can’t resist making a few Flash puns at Grant’s expense.

The commercial is quite fun and ends with the thoughts many of us have had, with Reynolds saying to Grant “you’ll always be my Barry,” only to have Grant respond with “you’ll always be my Hal.” If only we had gotten to see this team-up in an actual film; maybe it would have redeemed the awful Green Lantern movie and given us a Flash we all love rather than the person who headlined this year’s flop.

You can see the trailer below.

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No, That Was Not Teddy Sears In The Flash Movie

Flash TV series actor Teddy Sears confirms that was not him playing Jay Garrick in The Flash movie.



SPOILER WARNING: The Warner Bros. Pictures film The Flash is being discussed in this post.

The Flash is currently speeding onto movie screens, and considering the box office, it might be speeding out of theaters just as fast, but there is one particular thing that fans of The Flash TV series have been wondering: Did we see a cameo of Teddy Sears as Jay Garrick in The Flash movie?

The answer is: No. TVLine did their due diligence in finding out from Sears himself what is going on.

“People kept telling me that I was in the new Flash movie…,” Sears told TVLine in an article posted on their website. “I mean, I’m sleep-deprived with a newborn at home, so my memory is a little foggy. But I’m pretty sure I would have remembered shooting a major DC Studios film.”

“Sadly, I’m not in this,” he continued. He did acknowledge that the likeness does look like him.

There are some other cameos – sadly, not Grant Gustin or John Wesley Shipp, either. The movie is currently playing in theaters worldwide. As for Teddy Sears? Look for him in the DC Animated feature Justice League: Warworld where he will voice Travis Morgan, a.k.a. The Warlord. That comes out in July.

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