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Flash Casting: Who We’d Like To See In The Flash TV Spin-Off

amanda-paysJay and Joan Garrick: John Wesley Shipp and Amanda Pays

This isn’t the first Flash TV series – one happened 23 years ago, on CBS. Playing the Flash/Barry Allen back then was John Wesley Shipp.

What better tribute than to have Shipp playing the original Flash that started it all, Jay Garrick? Even if TV’s Jay never had that backstory, it’d still be a fun character to see.

Shipp’s Flash co-star Amanda Pays would be great, too, giving Barry and Tina that happy ending they never got the first time around.

Next: Dr. Tina McGee… and Daniel West

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Craig Byrne began writing about TV on the internet in 1995, and has since had several books published, including the official Smallville companion books. In addition to running KSiteTV, he is webmaster of several spin-off sites, including KryptonSite, GreenArrowTV, SHIELDsite.net, and FlashTVNews.


  1. Even though he is much older, I always thought Greg Szmanda from CSI Fame would make a great Wally West Flash.

  2. Thanks for fancasting actual Australians for Captain Boomerang! If you can get an Indian actor to play an Indian character, you can easily find an Aussie to play an Aussie character! There are plenty of us in Hollywood! (Plus the fake Aussie accents sound awful.)

  3. I like your picks, except for the Smallville stuff. The idea is cool but I didn’t really like the actors/costumes that much in that show. But nice article, this show has a ton of potential.

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