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The 2015 FlashTVNews Awards: The Season 1 Results Are In!

FLA111B_0491bThe best-laid plans…

Sadly, we’re not geniuses like Harrison Wells, and we can’t always plan a step ahead… as such, the first annual 2015 FlashTVNews Awards results, honoring the best (and not-so-best) of The Flash Season 1, see their results being posted the day before the start of Season 2. Oops!

Unfortunately, our bad planning also meant we didn’t get in every category we wanted to this year. But next year… LOOK OUT!

You can navigate between pages at the bottom of every winner article. Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Awards, and I hope you like the results!

About Craig Byrne

Craig Byrne began writing about TV on the internet in 1995, and has since had several books published, including the official Smallville companion books. In addition to running KSiteTV, he is webmaster of several spin-off sites, including KryptonSite, GreenArrowTV, SHIELDsite.net, and FlashTVNews.


  1. Thanks for tallying it all up for us! I’m impressed that Tom Cavanaugh beat out Grant, but I love so many of the top choices here. Great work voting, fandom. Barry, Iris and Joe contain all my favorite relationships on the show!

  2. Thank you. Yayy WestAllen for best pairing, woop woop. Nice to see Out of Time made it into the top three best eps and great results for the top three actors.

  3. Aw, love the results and couldn’t agree more with them! But…wait…the people who wrote Man in the Yellow Suit wrote the return of Pete Ross and his Magical Gum in Smallville?!? I need a moment.

    Definitely happiest about the Trickster’s win, best and worst episodes, and, of course, I love Iris & Barry’s relationship so that made me very happy.

  4. I agree with all! But the best episode for me still is ‘Out of Time’. It was everything you could ask. Action, Romance, Fun. It had everything! Plus, it was the first Westallen kiss! 🙂

    And yes, Best Pairing will always be Barry and Iris..these two have a chemistry made in heaven!

  5. Yaaaaay WestAllen for best pairing. Candice slaying too. Waiting for season 2 now! 😉

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