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Who Is Harrison Wells? Theory Circa 10.21.2014

907802Warning: Spoilers through Episode 3 of The Flash “Things You Can’t Outrun” are discussed within.

Tonight’s episode of The Flash ended with the revelation that Harrison Wells clearly saw the accident that created Barry Allen and turned him into The Flash. It seems that, with motives that are unknown, Wells is trying to “create” the Flash.

But what if his plan involves more than just Barry?

Case in point: Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow are also both STAR Labs employees, and the most loyal of the bunch. Is it coincidence that these two are known to readers of DC Comics as Vibe and Killer Frost, respectively? Wouldn’t Harrison Wells, with knowledge of the future, be aware of THEIR fates, too? Heck… could he have orchestrated the accident that had befallen Ronnie Raymond, so he, too, will meet his intended destination?

FLA01_NM_CARLOS_0349rAnd then there’s Eddie Thawne. Where was he before he transferred to Central City? Convenient that he was driving Iris to go see Barry, isn’t it? While his feelings for Iris seem to be genuine, could he have been planted there by Wells also? Is it just coincidence that he was the one that caught the kid who was stealing Iris’ research – a theft that kept Barry away from Wells’ presentation, and put him where he needed to be later?

Perhaps Wells’ influence is farther-reaching than we knew. Could he have tipped Barry off on the strange things that were happening in Starling City last year, thus taking Barry there and having him be the one to introduce a mask to the Green Arrow?

All interesting things we will have to see. But, for now, on October 21, 2014, those are our theories. Check back throughout the season to see how right (or wrong) we may become. This “theory” may not answer the question of “Who is Harrison Wells,” but perhaps it will reveal a little bit about his origins. (Though on that note: Is it coincidence he once used the word “Pariah?” Does he know Lyla Michaels? Questions, questions…)

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  1. There are other things about Wells that are a too little convient. For instance the accelerator he designed just happens to double as a meta-human prison, it’s almost as if he knew it would be needed.

    There is a distinct possibility that Harrison Wells is Hunter Zolomon, the time traveling and desire to see The Flash become the hero he was meant to be all fit with character.

  2. wells is really a brilliant man who will never be forgotten.cheers mate i liove you and grant gustin not forgetting cisco

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