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2015 FlashTVNews Awards: Pick The Best Pairing Of The Flash Season 1!

FLA102a_205bBecause we ran so long with some categories in our first annual FlashTVNews Awards, honoring the best and worst of The Flash Season 1, we’re skipping ahead a few categories so that we can get the results up before the new season begins.

The last pairing in this year’s Awards is Best Pairing. In this instance, it is not necessarily a romantic pairing — bonds between Barry and his father figures are included, as is Iris with her dad. Voting will continue for a few days and then we’ll post the results!

Note: If there is a pairing that you feel is missing, write it in and we’ll include your vote and/or add it as a choice. Thanks!

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  1. Definitely Barry & Iris, they were the highlight of the season for me !

  2. Barry and Caitlin <3

  3. cait and barry are every thing.
    and cait and cisco, cait and ronnie a small but beautiful scene b/n cait and iris also good. love caitlin with any body she is the soul of the show.

  4. Barry and Caitlin’s friendship and chemistry stood out to me this season. I love their relationship, no commitment or all of that sappy stuff yet they still have the chemistry of being a couple but also being bestfriends at the same time. The producers nd the actors did good with that one.

  5. Barry and Caitlin of course. Their relationship developed in the best way possible

  6. Barry & Caitlin. The chemistry is electrifying between the two actors. The acting and dialogues comes out too naturally. Love every single moment of theirs, no matter how small.

  7. Barry and Iris for sure! Their chemistry and evolving relationship the entire season kept me coming back for more. They are amazing together!

  8. Barry and Iris is what pulled me in, both their friendship and their romance are my favorite relationship on the show. Honorable mentions of course go to Joe’s relationship with them both as well.

  9. Barry and Iris my loves !!!!

  10. Barry and Iris, they have so much chemistry and are so iconic. Iris is Barry’s anchor/lightning rod and guiding star, I love them.

  11. Barry and Iris for me. I love some of the others, but it’s those two that draw me in week after week.

  12. Barry and Iris stood out to me in season 1. Their friendship and love for one another despite all the hardships was amazing. I look forward to seeing more of that in season2.

  13. Barry and Iris ftw, talk about real chemistry! ❤


  15. Is there any other couple worthy enough to stand in the same queue of ICONIC #WestAllen ( Barry & Iris ) ? Barry & Iris ———- hands down …

  16. Barry and Iris.. I think they’re both very strong and fleshed out characters. Many people tend to hate Iris because she does not always agree with Barry and neither does she try to please him, she is an independent character. There is also that unsaid but obvious reason.

    Other than that I love Barry-Cisco, Caitlin-Cisco, Caitlin-Ronnie, Joe-Barry, Henry-Barry… AND BASICALLY EVERY DAMN RELATIONSHIP ON THE SHOW!!

    One of the most problematic problem on the show is the lack of female relationships, though hope season 2 fixes that.

  17. Barry and Iris are everything. Angst, love, Friendship, caring, trust. The perfect match.

  18. Real chemistry is when nothing needs to be said, nothing needs to be forced, and everything is just shown. Barry and Caitlin posses this chemistry, where they don’t need to say I love you for the audience to start considering that something more is going on between them. Everything that happens between Barry and Caitlin happens with the story, their scenes advance the story and the characters. Some other relationships need to have scenes written especially for them and are only there because they are forced. Snowbarry hasn’t been forced once, and the love they share, while hidden deep down, exists because of how great Grant and Danielle are at a glance. And you know what, it’s pretty cool to see a couple that was never meant to be together look at each other like they’re the most important people in each other’s lives. The soul of the show is Caitlin. And the crux of it is this relationship in the team setting

  19. Barry and Iris hands down, they are the root of both the show & the speedster legacy. I don’t see anyone else for Barry and vice versa. Westallen is so ICONIC!

  20. Barry and Iris! Angst, love, caring, friendship, trust..they are the perfect match. And the chemistry…”magical” (quoting the producers).

  21. Barry & Caitlin!Their chemistry is amazing

  22. Snowbarry!! It wasn’t plagged with annoying drama. It was cute and adorable.

  23. Barry and Iris! Whenever they have a scene together their chemistry radiates off my screen! Their absolutely amazing together!

  24. Barry and Iris! They are so freaking adorable, not to mention iconic. Their friendship is so sweet, and I can only imagine how that will transfer over to a romantic relationship once they get their shit together! They’re destined to be, and I love it!

  25. Barry and Iris! They’re so obviously soulmates. And like Grant said “Iris is the love of Barry’s life and that’s never going to change.” Westallen 5eva!

  26. I’m loving that people are actually commenting but remember to VOTE and spread the word to get people to vote!

  27. Definitely Barry and Iris, no doubt about it.

  28. Barry and Iris for sure. nothing trumps a lifetoime friendship with true love ontop that. Cisci and Barry are a close second for me becuase I enjoy their dynamic as well fanboy meets superhero always brings the lols for me.

  29. Barry and Iris no doubt, and y’all are lying out your ass with this Barry and cait bull crap… Boring AF. Theres no passion or fire with those two, I literally feel nothing. Just say you don’t like the Barry and Iris pairing and call it a day because I rather watch paint dry then watch Barry and Caitlin.

  30. The only iconic couple on that list tbh barry and iris for me always joe and barry get an honourable mention as well

  31. None of the flash romantic pairings work for me. They all have chemistry and are okay but none of them reach otp level for me. So Barry and his Dads forever..i really hope we continue having those great moments with him and Joe and Henry.

  32. Caitlin and Barry are enjoyable to watch, whether the scenes they share be funny or heavy ones, these two ALWAYS are so precious. Moreover, the evolution of their friendship is gradual, organic, not at all contrived, and therefore is more interesting for me to watch.

  33. Barry and Iris are my favorite because I’m a sucker for the whole destiny true love romance as long as it isn’t over done plus I love Grant and Candice’s chemistry. But to be honest this cast is really amazing and have wonderful chemistry with each other.

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