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The 2016 FlashTVNews Awards: The Season 2 Results Are In!

flashkingsharkposterOver the last week and a half, fans were invited to vote in this year’s FlashTVNews Awards, our annual tradition honoring the best (and not-so-best) of The Flash. We did it a little later than usual this year, and again missed some key categories, which is something we said we’d improve on and didn’t; better luck next season?

Now, as Season 3 is almost upon us, let’s look back at the winners for The Flash Season 2. Navigate at the bottom of the page, and if you want to see our similar results for Arrow and Supergirl, you can find them here and here, respectively.

(Last year’s FlashTVNews Awards results can be found here)

As always, votes are limited per IP so all “wins” are had fair and square. What does well or not surely depends partly on what parts of the fan base choose to vote; FlashTVNews is not taking a side or representative of the results within, or else Cisco and Carlos Valdes would win absolutely everything, with Joe/Jesse L. Martin close behind.

Let’s get started, shall we? Navigate below:

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  1. I must be the only person who thinks “the Runaway Dinosaur” is completely overrated. Good episode, but overrated. It wasn’t his mother, so the emotion wasn’t earned. It felt like the writers were trying one too many times to cash in on a great moment and seemingly everyone in the audience not caring.

    • You think you’re the only person who found that episode overrated, and yet somehow you also know that everyone in the audience didn’t care? You realize those two statements are contradictory? It was one of the best rated episodes, and real mother or not, it helped bring an unresolved emotion of Barry’s that was just neglected for so much of the series. Personally there are still many people who cry everytime they see that episode, so please don’t speak for everyone.

      • Rob has a habit of doing that over at GreenArrowTV. It’s apparently a tradition now.

      • No, the statement isn’t contradictory because what I wrote was that I found it overrated because the audience didn’t care that it wasn’t his mother, hence why they got caught up in the emotion of the episode. I didn’t say the audience didn’t care about the episode, the audience didn’t care that the writers are hitting that note too many times. Looking back, I can see where you would interpret my statement that way, but I think it’s pretty clear from context, that’s not what I meant. And what emotion wasn’t resolved? Guilt over his mother’s death. If that’s the case, I think given what happened in the finale, it’s safe to say he has yet to resolve it.

        And really, Craig?

        I didn’t speak for everyone. I just spoke for myself.

  2. Awesome! This was fun. Loved Zack’s episode and all the Earth-2 ones especially Episode 13. I love Candice Patton and Grant Gustin they are amazing leads for the show!

  3. Still not sure what anyone’s issue is with Patty. She was delightful. I do think it’s simply an issue of her not being Iris. This is nothing new, though. Audiences tend to hate romantic impediments. They were none too kind to Lauren Tom back in the 90s when she was on Friends simply for being the other woman. And there seemed to be a 180 on Iris from season 1 to season 2 at least in terms of online perception. Overall it was a good season, but not as fantastic as season 1 in large part because Zoom was far less interesting as a villain.

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